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Posted by Cristiano Giovando on May, 28 2015
We are very excited to introduce the first release of OpenAerialMap! The current image catalog is still in beta but gives an insight of what OAM will provide to the community of HOT and OSM mappers in the very near future: a single place to find and share open imagery.
Posted by steven.johnson on May, 28 2015
The first ever White House Mapathon held on 21 May 2015, served to highlight the growing importance of crowdmapping and open geospatial data and how these square with the commitments in the Administration's Second Open Government National Action Plan.  Opening remarks from Senior Advisor for Open Government Cori Zarek, US CTO Megan Smith, Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman, and US State Dept Geographer Lee Schwartz each noted the significance of this first event and framed the evolving relationship between government, open data, crowdsourcing, and open source methods.
Posted by kristenegermeier on May, 28 2015
State of the Map from our Board President, Heather Leson