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Posted by Mikel Maron on Feb, 8 2016
Guest post by Pratik Yadav, data analyst at Mapbox. The HOT Tasking Manager (TM) has been the critical tool for rapid and massive coordination for disaster response and preparedness mapping. Since the first task in September 2011, there have been a total of 1168 tasks published in the Tasking Manager. This map shows the footprint of all HOT tasks up to January 5, 2016, with a total coverage of about 7,449,759 sq kms.   You'll notice a variety of shapes of HOT TM jobs. Some are hand drawn around small focus areas, and others are large, representing the area of a data import, and a few are thin corridors along roadways.
Posted by xamanu on Feb, 4 2016
We made great progress on a crowd-sourced public transportation map for Managua! Over seventy generous donours supported us, through our crowd-funding initiative, to raise $6,212 dollars and with this they enabled us to print the city's bus map 40,000 times. Yesterday, members of the OpenStreetMap Nicaragua cummunity handed over the collaboratively created and printed public transportation maps to the people. Managua became Central America's first capital with a complete transportation map. And only the community made this possible:
Posted by Paul Uithol on Feb, 3 2016
When I was first told about mapping, I thought it was something to do sitting indoors on your laptop. Well, it’s also a bit like that, but little did I know the adventure that awaited me. I quickly got acquainted with the whole mapping process after the training we received on the first two days (ed: 11 and 12 January). Earlier I had met Douglas Ssebaggala who had showed us how to use OpenMapKit and JOSM. I just couldn’t wait to start my journey in the world. After the training, I felt I was ready.
Posted by Yantisa Akhadi on Feb, 1 2016
Smartphone is everywhere. In Indonesia alone, it is estimated in 2015 that there are around 55 million of smartphone users, the third highest number in Asia Pacific. To tap into this huge potential, HOT Indonesia with the support from Australia-Indonesia Facilities for Disaster Reduction have started developed Android app for mobile data collection back in 2014. It was started by developing the concept notes for the application based on HOT Indonesia experience in delivering training throughout Indonesia.
Mobile money agent in Namanyonyi subcounty
Posted by Paul Uithol on Jan, 18 2016
As we enter our second week in Mbale, we've started surveying the surrounding districts of Sironko, Manafwu and Baduda today (Monday, January 18th). These are spectacular areas to be surveying, being around Mount Elgon National Park and Sipi Falls. Last week, we mapped most of Mbale district while focusing on education and training, slowly increasing the scope and geographical areas assigned to teams for mapping tasks. Mobile money agent in Namanyonyi subcounty
Posted by Russell Deffner on Jan, 15 2016
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is pleased to welcome eighteen new voting members!
Posted by Tyler Radford on Jan, 14 2016
Today, on the morning of 14 January, there were a number of explosions due to suicide bombers and shooting across the street from the HOT Jakarta office in Menara Thamrin (UN building). All HOT staff are safe and accounted for. The building was locked down for the rest of the day, meaning that those inside remained inside until the end of the day, at which time the Australia embassy graciously provided transport for HOT staff. The office remains closed tomorrow, Friday 15 January. HOT is communicating with our Australian government partners and will advise with any changes to the security situation for our staff.
Posted by Mhairi O'Hara on Jan, 11 2016
The Mapping Financial Inclusion in Uganda project is truly underway as we enter our second week of training in Mbale, Uganda. HOT is currently at the Uganda Christian University (UCU) introducing 30 local students to various open source tools with the assistance of students from Makerere University. There will be two days of training before we head out into the field on Wednesday to start mapping the district of Mbale.
Posted by xamanu on Jan, 7 2016
There is no map for the 42 bus lines in Metropolitan Managua, capital of Nicaragua, where 80% of the 2 million inhabitants that are dependent on buses to commute to work or school. But engaged citizens used Free Technology and the power of collaboration to create the first digital public transportation map. Now they seek support ( to print it.
Posted by Tyler Radford on Dec, 31 2015
To all in the global HOT community: As we begin 2016 I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished together as a global community this year. There were many new highs: the largest and most complex disaster response activation to date (Nepal earthquake), the most number of mappers (8000+), and the launch of new and exciting tech tools such as OpenAerialMap and the OSM Export Tool v2. With these successes come many opportunities for 2016—and also some challenges. As HOT moves into 2016, a prime focus area will be continuing to improve the services we provide to partners, OSM communities and humanitarian mapping groups worldwide. More to come on that in January. For now, here are a few highlights from 2015. While numbers don't tell the whole story, they're a good indicator of the massive scale of our collective efforts for the year. Enjoy! Tyler p.s. What did your OSM community accomplish in 2015? To write a guest blog post, email   HOT People at a glance