HOT's work in Senegal started with a field mission funded through the World Bank’s ICT (Internet and Communications Technology) Branch and the Fondation de France, thanks to a partnership with OpenStreetMap France (OSM-FR). Three HOT participants conducted training and networking activities over three weeks (20 May - 9 June, 2012) aiming to fostering the growth of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project in Senegal. In this first mission, HOT reached out to ongoing GIS projects, local Tech communities, Senegalese geomatics scene actors (Senegalese SDI), and Academics leading to the cultivation and training of a local OSM Community in Senegal.

In regards to the humanitarian component, OSM and HOT work has been presented to an audience comprised of the UN IM/GIS from OCHA-ROWCA, World Food Program, UNICEF and ICRC, as well as representatives from the local tech communities (JokkoLabs) to put the focus on the cooperation between Humanitarian actors and the Voluntary Technical Communities (VTCs). Eventually those actions will lead to the building of a local OSM community and the creation of an OSM environment in Senegal and in Western Africa for crisis preparation, recovery, and development contexts.

An additional deployment of a HOT coordinator in Senegal was made in the fall of 2012 to continue fostering the growing OSM_SN community. Learn more about the flourishing OSM_SN Community at its OSM wiki page, its twitter , and the blog posts listed below.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 to Monday, December 31, 2012
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Posted by Augustin Doury on Mar, 7 2013
It has been already one month since I left Dakar. In the capital, the OSM_SN project initiated by HOT in May 2012 had reached a lot of new mappers in December 2012/January 2013, but lot of them were not from Dakar and its neighbourhoods so training new Dakar mappers had been a priority.
Posted by Augustin Doury on Feb, 22 2013
After a one week training in Université de Ziguinchor, last blogpost subject, let's go back to Saint-Louis with Bassirou Thiam (aka Bass).
Posted by Katrina E. on Feb, 17 2013
Augustin Doury, a native Parisian, joined HOT at the end of last year. He has been working to head up the OSM community in Senegal. Gus studied his last two years in Nantes at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, which is a generalist engineer school. Before HOT he was working Marseille for six months at a start-up company that focused on solar energy technologies. Gus has been teaching workshops, hosting events and expanding the OSM mappers and maps in Senegal. [inline:fb profil.jpg] How did you get involved with HOT/OSM?
Posted by Augustin Doury on Jan, 30 2013
After having established burgeoning OSM communities in Dakar, Thies, Saint-Louis and Rufisque, HOT and OSM_SN have had the amazing opportunity to start an OSM project in Casamance. Situated in the South of Senegal, Casamance is the greenest region in Senegal. It is an area with amazing potential—a potential impeded by political conflict since the 80s.
Posted by Augustin Doury on Jan, 15 2013
In Dakar, back from Saint-Louis where I have been mostly working animating the OSM SN community in this town harnessing on our partnerships with BantaLabs and University Gaston Berger and reaching out to new partners from NGOs and Governements. Prior getting into details about those intense and rich days for the OSM Project Senegal and its community, I'd like to take a look back at the past weeks since the end of the HOT set up mission of this program by Mid December. At BarCamp Thies I spent a week in Dakar preparing with some active mappers of the OSM SN community the attendance of the Thies BarCamp organized by the Senegalese OpenSource movement.