The HOT board

Board Member

Heather Leson is a community builder, project leader, and idea hacker for global open source projects and communities. Some of the organizations she had led include the Crisis Mappers Network, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Open Knowledge Foundation, Ushahidi, Random Hacks of Kindness, Mozilla and more. Heather has over 15 years of experience in technical incident management, software life-cycle development, customer care, and Internet communications.  Heather is a Programme Manager at Qatar Computing Research Institute. In HOT Heather is focused on community engagement, organizational development and fundraising. She blogs at and tweets @heatherleson. Imagine this world if we all lent a digital hand.


Blake Girardot is an open source software and open data enthusiast
with a special love for humanitarian and crisis mapping. He currently
serves as the President of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
where he spends his days organizing and supporting crowd based
collaborative mapping projects around the world and promoting the use
of open source mapping tools and open geo data.


With her background in social and educational studies Jorieke is a bit of an exception in the OpenStreetMap-world. Yet with her interest in social-spatial issues, the Humanitaran OpenStreetMap Team, quickly became like a second family to her. The past few years she was active in several African countries and Bangladesh to map, promote and train local and international actors on OpenStreetMap. Consequently she has a big heart for local OpenStreetMap communities.



Visual communication, data visualisation, fieldmapping, basic GIS, HOT community member, MapFugee, HOT board member.

Vice President

Dale Kunce leads the international GIS team at the American Red Cross where he is responsible for the adoption and creation of open source software such as OpenMapKit, open data standards and OpenStreetMap to supercharge the work of the American Red Cross. Dale is a geospatial engineer and urban planner with more than ten years of experience working directly with communities throughout the world. He and his team support programs and projects for both international disaster response and long-term programs. Kunce‚Äôs past work has taken him from community organizing in the California Central Valley and developing analytics for pandemic response in Uganda to helping astronauts capture high-resolution imagery from the International Space Station. He has helped coordinate the Red Cross response efforts for the last couple of years, working closely with HOT. He is a founder of Missing Maps and a frequent contributor OSM under the username dkunce. Dale is a current board member, elected during the June 2015 Special Election.