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Washington, DC Mappers at the Red Cross
Posted by Andrew Wiseman on Apr, 30 2015
Volunteers from around the world have been helping map Nepal -- here is roundup of some of the great events we have heard about. And tell us your own!
Posted by Heather Leson on Apr, 30 2015
Welcome Tyler, HOT’s new Interim Executive Director. He starts in true HOT spirit - the week of a major deployment in response to the Nepal Earthquake and today - 1st day of the 1st ever HOT Summit.   Tyler Radford, M.I.A. joins HOT as Interim ED after leading diverse, people-focused, technology-enabled projects across the public, private, nonprofit, and international humanitarian sectors.  
Posted by Heather Leson on Apr, 30 2015
[Guest post from Pete Masters, Missing Maps Project Coordinator]   The Nepal earthquake has inspired a whole new wave of people to join HOT and help support NGOs and local people in Nepal respond to last week's earthquake. A big thank you to everyone who has decided to contribute...  
Posted by Cristiano Giovando on Apr, 28 2015
We are heads down on processing imagery from DigitalGlobe, Airbus and other major satellite providers to aid the Nepal earthquake response. So far, we have processed and made available over 3,000 square kilometers of updated imagery!
mapping nepal photo
Posted by Heather Leson on Apr, 28 2015
[Ed. Note: Guest post from By Sajjad Anwar] The OpenStreetMap community all over India is rallying to aid its neighbor Nepal after the most powerful earthquake since 1934 struck the Kathmandu area. Teams in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pondicherry and many mappers from home have ramped up progress on the tasking manager. The coordination happens in on the OpenStreetMap wiki and on a hackpad with documentation. In Bangalore, the doors of the Mapbox office are going to be open throughout the remainder of the week for volunteers to drop in and improve the map. This is an open invitation to experienced mappers and new comers. If you haven't used OpenStreetMap yet, we're here to help you get started with mapping.
Posted by Heather Leson on Apr, 26 2015
HOT has been active almost 20 hours since the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Our thoughts are with the affected communities and our fellow Mappers in the region. Every emergency is hard but for a few hours our community waited to hear if our OSM colleagues, fellow Board Member Nama Budhathoki and their families were safe. They are and we are so thankful. The previous work of the local OSM community meant that the maps of Katmandu were fairly robust. Until we heard back from our local OSM colleagues and potential responders, the HOT team began searching for key parts of the map in the affected region that needed work. They updated roads and worked through the night across timezones. Today Nama reports that Kathmandu Living Labs team have assembled in a situation room. They are beginning to establish contact with response agencies. And, they are already in touch with the Nepal Redcross.   Here are the high priority areas for your help with mapping:
Posted by Russell Deffner on Apr, 25 2015
We are sad to report that there has been a major earthquake in Nepal. The best place to get information about HOT's response is via the HOT 2015 Nepal Earthquake wiki coordination page: HOT and OpenStreetMap have a strong presence in Nepal and we have already heard from members on the ground there. HOT Executive Board member Dr. Nama Budhathoki is the director of Kathmandu Living Labs and writes from on the ground in Nepal with  this brief update:"The damage seems to be massive. Reports are coming every minute. The quake has damaged different parts of the country, not just Kathmandu. I just got access to the internet; lots of congestion in communication. People from Kathmandu Living Labs including myself  are safe. We are preparing to spend the night in open space. We will get back to you tomorrow."
Posted by Geoffrey Kateregga on Apr, 22 2015
For the past three weeks, the HOT team in Tanzania comprising of Steven Bukulu, Geoffrey Kateregga, Paul Uithol and Jeff  Haack has been involved in Community Mapping  in Ndugumbi a Ward in Kinondoni district of Dar es Salaam. This is the first ward  mapped after which several wards will follow. The result has been a well detailed map of the ward. A group of 15 students from Urban Planning students from Ardhi University has been trained in data collection, integration, and validation. In turn they also trained a group of 10 community members from Ndugumbi ward which helped them master the skills gained. At a later stage InaSAFE will be used to perform Flood Impact Scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities. Therefore the HOT team has developed a data model for the mapping in Dar es Salaam to allow the data collected be used in InaSAFE.
Posted by kristenegermeier on Apr, 9 2015
Kate Chapman.  Leader, friend, mentor, creator, grant writer, smart girl, cool-chick, adventurer, founder, volunteer.  These are many of the wonderful traits that make up Kate, but at her core, she’s a giver.  She believes in what she does and works harder, and more kindly, than pretty much anyone I’ve ever known.     Kate has served generously as the founder and Executive Director since the inception of HOT in 2010.  She has taught, mapped, and lead for HOT all over Indonesia, Haiti, The United States, and many more places across the globe.   Kate has guided HOT from a fledgling idea, into a registered non profit, and then into a solidly funded organization supported and joined by incredible international partners.  Without her, HOT wouldn’t be where it is today.    
Posted by Steven Bukulu on Mar, 25 2015
Preparations, Preparations and Lots of Preparations is how best i can describe the third of the OSM Training in Tanzania.   We reported at Buni Hub at about 9:18am Steve, Geoffrey, Jeff and later on Paul came through. Today we had nothing to do with the drones but the team (Sensefly) still headed out to shoot some more aerial imagery. With no waste of time we went straight away to making final preparations for the "COMMUNITY MAPPING FOR FLOOD RESILIENCE LAUNCH" which will run under Open Street Map.