Our board


Heather Leson is a community builder, project leader, and idea hacker for global open source projects and communities. Some of the organizations she had lead include the Crisis Mappers Network, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Open Knowledge Foundation, Ushahidi, Random Hacks of Kindness, Mozilla and more. Heather has over 15 years of experience in technical incident management, software life-cycle development, customer care, and Internet communications.  Heather is a Programme Manager at Qatar Computing Research Institute. In HOT Heather is focused on community engagement, organizational development and fundraising. She blogs at http://textontechs.com and tweets @heatherleson. Imagine this world if we all lent a digital hand.

Vice President

With her background in social and educational studies Jorieke is a bit of an exception in the OpenStreetMap-world. Yet with her interest in social-spatial issues, the Humanitaran OpenStreetMap Team, quickly became like a second family to her. The past few years she was active in several African countries and Bangladesh to map, promote and train local and international actors on OpenStreetMap. Consequently she has a big heart for local OpenStreetMap communities. Currently she is living in Mali and working for the Belgian Development Agency.



Jaakko is native Finn and a consultant on geo things and using technology in the field and considers himself a mapping generalist. He is passionate about the possibility of OpenStreetMap, Open Data, Open Source tools and the general Open Paradigm helping level the global playing field. He has worked with international development for over ten years. Jaakko got more involved with OpenStreetMap and HOT in the response to the Haiti earthquake of 2010 and ended up living in Haiti for three years. He is currently based in Nicaragua. He contributes to OSM under username jaakkoh.

Board Member

Nama brings with him a unique blend of experience from government, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Nama is the Executive Director of Kathmandu Living Labs. He plays a critical role in developing an OpenStreetMap community and creating an ecosystem around open data in Nepal.

Board Member

Severin is qualified in archaeology, geography and GIS. He has broad experience from HOT's field work since 2011. And has been active in many HOT field projects in Haiti, Mongolia and various countries in Africa with outreach, teaching, data collection, as well as remote Crisis Activations, translation, methodologies, database imports and conferences. He contributes to OSM under username sev_hotosm.

Executive director

Tyler is HOT's Interim Executive Director. Prior to HOT he has led diverse, people-focused, technology-enabled projects across the public, private, non-profit, and international humanitarian sectors.